Headshop - Culture of smoking

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Artikeldatum: 2007-04-25 | Autor: Torben Messehub | Aufrufe: 5811 | Kategorie: sonstiges


Headshop - Culture of smoking

You know this freaky little shops selling pipes, cool papers and other fency stuff in small, dark corners of your town?

Dont worry, a headshop is not a dangerous thing. Its a home of free thoughts and a static source of fresh smoking acciosiors. Mostly they sell aromatic stuff like incense burning, lifestyle products and oriental pipes (Shishas) too.

In most cases (the better shops) they provide a lot of additonal growing stuff, which is needed if you plan to start your own homegrow system. Not only the right bulb makes the success, no you will be in need to pay attention for reflector, air condition systems, waterflow and air pollution systems... thats only a few of possible problems you could be faced.

Mostly, a growshop offers compent tips for all beginners to avoid the most common errors from the start.

Its strongly recommend to avoid to buy directly at the shop. Cops are smart enough to pay attention for cars parking close to that shop. Better you find a online shop. In most cases online providers are cheaper that local shops and do ship very fast. A parcel from germany directly to spain will take not more than a week.

Headshop & Growshops are seen in european countries since the earlier 80 and could be taken as a direct consequence of the counter culture in the seventies.


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